Sutton Creek Cattle Company

Our Fullblood Wagyu come from (100%) excellent Japanese Bloodlines.


Take an outside tour with Ken Tew, Cattle Rancher at Sutton Creek Cattle Co. in Baker City, Oregon


is a partnership ranch located in Baker County, Oregon. Our Wagyu herd was moved here from Western Oregon in 2001 by Richard and Marcie Hammond. After managing the Wagyus for the Hammonds for three years, the herd was purchased by Ken, Julie and Jeff in 2004.

Ken Tew is an Independent Insurance Agent, working through Ag Insurance of Baker City, "protecting your way of life". If you grow it, brand it, ride it or eat it, we insure it!

Julie manages the every-day functions of the cattle operation, from breeding, processing, calving, and keeping records on all aspects of the ranch.

Jeff Penick is a retired Land man, owner of Phoenix Land Services Inc. is world traveler, and partner in the operation.


From the grass fields of Eastern Oregon, Hormone free, naturally raised 100% fullblood Wagyu beef. Wagyu—The Japanese breed famous as “Kobe Beef,” noted for its marbeling, flavor and tenderness. Until now, most Kobe type beef has only been found in the world’s 5 star restaurants.

Wagyu beef is a healthy alternative for consumers. University studies have indicated Wagyu beef have a much lower ratio of saturated fats than most other breeds of cattle..

HW itofujimichi 61Y FB 13122
2014 Grand National Wagyu Bull at Nations Western Livestock show in Denver
Name: HW itofujimichi 61Y FB 13122

Abundance of Omega 3 fatty acids

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows Wagyu to have an abundance of Omega 3 fatty acids.
We raise 100% Fullblood and Purebred Wagyu's, selling Bulls, Heifers , Cows, Embryos and Semen.

Our Ranch has a USDA approved Embryo Quarantine Facility, approved for most countries in the world, including the European Union. We sell embryos world wide on a custom order basis. Costs vary depending on a particular country's protocol.

Semen can be purchased directly from our USDA approved facility.

  • 100% Full Bloods
  • High Percentage Purebreds
  • Bulls and replacement Heifers 
  • AI Service
  • Embryos & Semen (Domestic and Import) 
  • Embryo Recipient Cows


We are a full service ranch, offering consulting to Angus/Wagyu breeders on Calf buy back programs, Wagyu Cattle, Embryos, Semen sales and AI service. As experienced ranchers, we operate an irrigated pasture ranch raising cattle and hay, horses, dogs, cats and kids.

Ken ,Julie and Jeff are all members of the Oregon Cattleman's Association and National Cattlemen's Beef Association.