Wagyu Beef


Our Fullblood Wagyu (100%) are of excellent Japanese Bloodlines. An embryo from Japan was purchased by the Hammond Ranch, and became the first full blood Wagyu female born in the U.S.A. This female is currently in our herd of full bloods.

This female's offspring is very dominant throughout the Wagyu breed. 

Her son Shidoosha FB 4464 , is also one of the leading sires in the US, 

described by some Wagyu experts as one of the Best in the Breed.

We have Bulls for sale; Both full blood and purebred. We sell them at 18 months & older, registered, semen tested. 

Both full blood and purebred embryos are available for purchase. We only freeze and sell #1's.

All of our female Wagyu's, purebreds and full bloods, are only bred to full blood Bulls. Our embryos are designed for the person wanting to start a full blood herd..